Hello December

I know haven't updated this for awhile so I have a treat for those of you who have been patient. First is that there's a fresh new site design. We're getting ready for the new year so expect new brain vomits and the much anticipated "Top Muppet moments" list.

What? That isn't enough for you? Fine. Here's a picture I drew of a robot breakdancing. You're welcome.

pictured above: time mismanagement

Old Spice Swagger: Grill

CW: Gino Click / Tif Slama
AD: Brendan Gallogly

Solutions by Ashley and Gino #2

Copywriting is for lovers

The pictorial campaign we did for MAS recently got some love on their blog. Check it out.

Art Director: Jes Voight (check out her new blog at http://www.jessicavoight.com )

DSI Teaser

This is a teaser trailer for a pretty complicated and heady interactive campaign for the Nintendo DSi. The basic premise is that this girl is a technopath kidnapped by an evil corporation for the purpose of developing a super-surveillance device for them. Instead, she uses her abilities to mentally hack banner ads on the net and broadcast distress messages laced with clues that ultimately lead the user through a twist-laden plot to save the world.

Simple, right?

AD: Sam Bruehl

Solutions by Ashley and Gino

Click and zoom in

Back to school, back to school...

"...to prove to my dad that I'm not a foooooool"

The new quarter starts today and I have a couple of hours to kill before my first class. What better time to update this? Here's some work from quarter 3.

This is a game we made for our interaction class. It's basically an updated version of "Oregon Trail" with a NASCAR twist.

This was one of the more fun assignments from Q3. The whole class drew random 80's wrestlers and had to make illustrator posters for them. In this one, I show you the only way to get out of a sharpshooter i.e. passing out from the pain.

Serifs Up! (typography jokes free of charge)

I have to admit I was dreading having to take a class called "Journey Through Type" but it was actually pretty fun and I probably learned alot without knowing it. Here are some select pieces from the class. Oh and before I forget:

I Shot the Serif, As the World Kearns, Pica Virgin, The Count of Font e Christo, Back to the Futura???? Ok I'm done. Check out the type work:

The One Show

I tagged along onto this project in the later stages to write the copy. Felipe and Alex art directed. The copy will be hard to read until I find higher resolution versions so I put them in the captions.

Copy: Oyster's & Long's Horseradish. Treasure Every Bite.

Copy: Clears sinuses and plates.

Copy: Pain for Pleasure.

Tiffany & Co.

Outdoor campaign for Tiffany's

The "does anybody even keep track of this?" Brain Vomit

"I invented the snooze button. No wait, that's a half-lie. I USE the snooze button. Often."

Pictured above: Technology.


This long copy campaign for Jim Beam won a silver at our MAS competition (or bronze, I went by pretty quick...I'll just say silver for now, sounds shinier).

How to be "Stanky Rich"

1. you must shove as many gangster rolls of american currency in your shoes as possible. Money can only be accrued through illeagal means like stick-ups or unsanctioned backyard fist fights. Extra points for using Euros.

2. Spend a lot of time ducking away from cops and drive-bys by running fast and jumping fences for a couple days.

3. Remove shoes.

4. Fester in the aroma of sweaty money.

5. Repeat.

Pictured: An Economist.

The (formerly) weekly brain vomit

"I used to put bags of chips in the microwave to watch the cool looking sparks fly around in there. My dad didn't think it was funny. He ate all the chips in the house that day."

Above: Wrong chips.

G4 rebranding campaign

AD: Eric Stiles
CW: Gino Click

These two print ads would appear double sided on a single magazine page. When you turn the page you get to see the opposite angle of the photo.

These are some of our outdoor / guerrilla executions. The idea was to incorporate geek culture icons into the real world. Here's a building turned into godzilla and a cap wrapped to look like Pac-Man chasing an energy pellet.

This is a screen shot for a widget/iphone app that allows you to participate in a google earth scavenger hunt co-branded with the new Transformers movie.

Twitter Ad

Gino Click
Twit To Know
:60 sec

After working on this all week, the song will NOT leave my head. Help.

I always feel like somebody's watching me

My laptop has googly eyes now. You can't trust things without eyes people.

Valentines Day Pillow Fight SF

This started as a 15 minute flash mob two years ago. This year the crowd was HUGE and they kept pillow fighting for almost three hours. SF, you so crazy.

Logo tomfoolery

I'll be the first to admit I can't art direct, but I like to play around with photoshop once in awhile. Messed around with some MadMen inspired ish to sorta make a logo.

Playing with photoshop

a scratched banner design

Portrait Project

Pictures of my brother Ryan playin' the guitar

Tour Of California

It was raining, cold and miserable but I think one of these guys is Lance Armstrong.